Our Evolution

Let’s be frank – it’s just underwear, right? It’s not rocket science. So why is it so hard to find a good pair? You have to pillage through department stores, and come home only to experience lasting disappointment. Time, money and so many damn compromises just to find one decent pair. Why do we settle for ‘decent’, anyway? And what’s up with those airbrushed ads? 

Two childhood friends banded together in the pursuit of the perfect fit for their fellow man. Twig has always had a knack for looking good. He likes soft fabrics in subtle prints. And Barry? Barry likes to be bold, but he expects functional underwear that helps him keep his cool.

Because, lets face it – no two men are the same, but they both expect comfort and quality.

Twig and Barry’s curates the best in men’s underwear. We’ve gone through the painstaking process of finding legitimately comfortable and high quality underwear. Our online store allows you to shop anytime, anywhere, in the comfort of your underwear. Just get in, get out, and then conquer the world.

Twig and Barry’s is an online experience for real men because this is real life. No buff dudes. No shaming. No fancy words. Just real men. And a really good collection of really comfortable, better than decent, underwear.