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The Twig & Barry's Story

Twig & Barry's is a family business, proudly built in Canada. We are, like you, a man's man - or women who know what our man deserves.
In today's society, men are forced to stay within the lines. We shouldn't have to when it comes to our essentials! We want you to be you, underneath it all. At Twig and Barry’s our goal is to provide the ultimate community of Cavemen and a shopping experience for REAL (cave)men because, this is REAL life.


We've put in the work to deliver the best in quality and comfort.

No Judgment. No Shaming. No Fancy Words. Just Real Men.


Twig & Barry's is simplifying the way our guys shop for their essentials. While most guys are unsophisticated when it comes to their essentials, they are all in pursuit of the perfect FIT and FEEL. Twig & Barry's takes away the guesswork, curating the best products to help inform its customers in their decision. We strive to make the search for quality men's essentials uncomplicated, bringing together a community of modern day cavemen in search of one common denominator - a no-fuss experience that results in comfort and quality without the confines of political correctness. 

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