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The Twig & Barry's Story

Twig & Barry’s started as a true family business where our vision was simply to develop quality men’s underwear and we began the journey of creating our first brand, NUTSAK (which is now officially trademarked 😊). As we were experiencing a shit-ton of trial and error and then eventual success with building our own underwear, we said, ‘ok - time to give some other things a shot’. With every new product we added and idea we had, came its own challenges but we truly believe that we have put in the work to deliver the best in quality and comfort with all of our products and strongly back that with our no-fuss exchange policy.

Our online store soft-launched at the very end of 2019 and by the end of 2020 we were looking for a new space to expand our warehouse operations and open a small retail store. We then added our wholesale division, and you can find our products in a number of other shops across Canada! While still trying to stay true to our main focus of curating our own products, we also began sourcing more other like-minded, quality brands to bring into our new retail storefront. I have a serious obsession with all things fashion (IYKYK) and have been spending my birthday money & pay cheques on clothing since I was a kid, so sourcing is definitely up there on my favourite things list and I’m always on the hunt for new and exiting things to bring in for our guys.

Our vision kind of continues to evolve and change as we learn and grow but at the end of the day, all we’re aiming to do here is simply provide an uncomplicated place for men to come for their essentials. Life is F’ing hard and we believe that shopping for things like your underwear, shouldn’t be! We bounced around ideas of who the ‘face’ behind the business would be from literally, a couple of squirrels to 2 dudes named Twig and Barry, but we eventually landed on the ‘Caveman’. We wanted him to be someone everyone could kind of, connect with. The Caveman you see in our logo and branding embodies the persona of a modern person who simply gives no F's. Whatever that may mean to you. We’re somewhere, where no one is forced to stay ‘within the lines’ when it comes to what you’re wearing. If you want to rock socks that say f*ck you and underwear that say NUTSAK, you do YOU, we’re here for it! 

So, for now – that’s us and we want to thank you for being here and supporting us, in our little community of real life ‘Cavemen’.



Twig & Barry's Apparel Co. 

 We want you to be you, underneath it all. At Twig and Barry’s our goal is to provide the ultimate community of Cavemen and a shopping experience for REAL (cave)men because, this is REAL life.
No Judgment. No Shaming. No Fancy Words. Just Real Men.
(and Women 😉)
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