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Grab Life By The Barry's (3 Colours)

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The Manning Anvil Tee is a soft, lightweight and ringspun cotton crew neck. Durable and built to last.

Available in Red, Black & Navy

I looked up into the tree at the thick branch. It was about fifteen feet up and my buddy Barry just tied a rope to it from the back of the truck. 

My other buddy Twig was adamant that we needed to do this to commemorate another great summer. We had to get one last rope swing into the soon-to-be-frigid lake water and then celebrate our victory with a beverage or two around the campfire. 

We’d done this before many years ago...but we weren’t quite as young (and light) as we used to be. 

Twig told me to go first. I hesitated. Barry had his phone camera at the ready. I was certain it was going to be an epic tire-swing-fail video that would be immortalized on social media forever and a day. 

Before my courage could fully build up, Twig snatched the rope out of my hands. He took a few steps back and took the mighty swing. 

As he tarzaned out over the water he yelled (pretty sure it was directed at me.) “You’ve got to grab life by the berries!” For good measure he dismounted with a half somersault belly flop into the water. 

The sound of Twig’s belly hitting the water hurt us all. But he was right.
I was next! Time to Grab Life by the Barry’s!