Junk mail you actually wantA Monthly Underwear Subscription for Men

We know you’ve got some junk in your drawers. We also know you deserve more than those worn-out department store briefs.

You don’t have to go all out to update your underwear drawer. In fact, you don’t have to go out at all. With a Twig & Barry’s subscription, you get a new pair of underwear delivered straight to your mailbox. No hassle, no brutal shipping fees. Just a package to suit your lifestyle.

So go ahead. Get busy.


How It Works

  1. Step One: Grab your package.
  2. Step Two: Choose how long you want your package to last. (3, 6, 12 Months)
  3. Step Three: Size matters, so choose yours. (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
  4. Step Four: Choose where to ship your first pair. (Great for gifts!)
  5. Step Five: Pay for your package monthly.
  6. Step Six: Packages shipped the first Monday of each month. (Free)
  7. Step Seven: Sit around in your underwear and await delivery.
  8. Step Eight: Show off your new boxer briefs from brands you trust. (SAXX, 2Undr, & more)

Grab Your Package

Mr. Barry SketchMr. Twig Sketch

The Twig & Barry's

a mix of everyday comfort & active support

Perfect as a gift or for someone who needs variety.

Maybe you’re not just like Twig — but you’re not just like Barry, either. Maybe you lead a double life, or maybe you just like a bit of variety when you get dressed. Whatever your reason, this package is for you. It’s also a solid choice if you’re getting a gift subscription for someone else — this package has a bit of everything.

  • Mix of everyday and performance boxer briefs
  • Get soft & comfortable one month, quick-dry & supportive the next

$40 per month

Grab this package

About Your Underwear Subscription

You’ve got the right package, now all that is left is to choose your subscription. All our subscriptions get sent out on the first Monday of the month. You get charged monthly, making your subscription an affordable way to update your under-weardrobe.

How many pairs you get depends on your subscription — you get one pair per month, so if you sign up for a 12-month subscription, you get 12 brand new pairs to replace whatever you have buried in the back of your underwear drawer. If you want to test the waters, sign up for a 3-month subscription and get three pairs that will make you feel better about what’s supporting your goods.

You can expect a few of our wilder styles — because we are men who like to have fun. But you can also expect a few of our everyday go-to styles. You know, the black, grey, or white ones. You can also expect to feel the difference in what you’ve got on.

These underwear are not your discount store 5-packs. They are quality boxer briefs designed to respect your business downstairs.

The Right Brand for Your Bits

A monthly subscription saves you money (and the hassle of having to order a new pair each month), but we get that sometimes, you just know what kind of underwear you like. Why mess with a good thing? Get your favourite brand in a monthly subscription. Same benefits of our mixed packs without having to experiment.