We're LIVE

July 05, 2016

We're LIVE

I've been waiting a long time for this. See, I learned years ago how great underwear could affect my everyday life. I'm the kind of guy who puts a little effort into my appearance; I like to look great. (And trust me. I look great.) As I went to great lengths to pull my look together, I realized how awful I felt knowing the lame underwear I had hidden underneath. Seriously. If I met a great girl today and things got heated, how embarrassing would it be to drop my drawers to that?!

That's where my first quest began. Trying to impress girls. There. I said it. 

It seemed that the more I went looking for new underwear brands, the more underwear brands there were to find. I realized the incredible array of options I never knew existed! I wasn't keen to keep checking out other online stores that showed more male skin than was acceptable, and I desperately wished I could just go to ONE store to see lots of brands and styles. 

That's where my second quest began. To educate and inform other men of brands, styles and fabrics, knowing it could change their lives too. So here we are; Twig & Barry's Underwear Company. My name is first because it was my idea. 

Oh. And Barry? His quest started when I told him how disgusting his old worn out loose fitting boxers were on guys camping weekend. He had them hung on a tree to dry... "Rinse and wear!" he said. 

I wont tell you what I said in return. 

I told him about a performance brand I had come across in my search, something in a long leg for his tall stature, and moisture wicking... for obvious reasons. A big hairy dude like Barry needs all the moisture wicking properties he can get. The very next week he was in his first pair, and his astonishment was priceless! He had no idea underwear could feel that great. Nothing sticking, rubbing, chaffing. "My balls! I've never had anyone helping to carry them around all day!" - direct quote. 

Needless to say, he was eager to join my journey and THAT'S where Twig & Barry's Underwear Company began. Its been a long road, but here we are. Launched and awaiting your first order! 

We hope you like the site. We welcome any feedback you may wish to share. 

Thanks for letting us help you on your quest.



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