The Best Brand for your Bits

March 27, 2018

The Best Brand for your Bits

Wouldn't it be great if we could just point you in the direction of the BEST pair of underwear we have, and call it good? 

Unfortunately, that's just not how it works. There is a reason there are so many great brands; its because what works for some wont work for others. Lots of things come into play - body shape, daily activities, fabric preference. Its impossible for us to say that one style or fabric or brand is best. So where do you start?

First: You need to know about your preferences in fabrics, styles, and "support" systems. There is no other way to determine what you like than to just try.

Most guys see an enormous increase in comfort just by spending more money. There's no way around it. If you have been wearing 6 pack department store boxer briefs, you are more than likely going to feel spoiled in luxury by spending $30 on one pair - it wont matter which brand.

If you know you prefer briefs, or trunks, or the loose fit of a boxer, then start there. Don't try something completely different from what you're already used to for the first few purchases. 

Fabrics: A lot of guys are surprised to realize how terrific softness can feel. Many don't realize it will make as big of a difference as they find it does. You are pretty safe to purchase a style made of a modal cotton blend; we've never had ANYONE say they don't like the softness. Ever. 

Synthetic fabrics that make up many options in the performance category are not always the same story. They do wick away moisture and stay nice and snug through any activity, but not every guy wants them for everyday life. The polyester tends to stink after a few hockey practices or gym sessions (read: Do Your Laundy for tips on getting the smell out). These options are great for the days you need the extra technology, but possibly not a great option to start with.

Underwear Evolution:  Those who have already found what they like and know what they prefer often hesitate to jump from one brand to another. They stick with what they know. This is great if you are sticking to a budget and don't want to be disappointed when investing in something new. BUT! If you are open to trying new things, and dont stray from the features you know you like, we encourage you to take a chance! You never know what you could be missing. 

So, what are the differences between them?
Generally speaking, we see a lot of guys make these moves between brands:

Saxx guys try MyPakage (our experiences have been with MyPakage before the rebrand so we'll stick with that for now), and either love the difference and never go back, or don't like them and never try them again. Some guys can go between both brands without a problem but usually prefer one over other. The differences are big: Saxx has the side slings but MyPakage has a full pouch, which requires a physical movement of putting everything into the pouch instead of just pulling the underwear on. Some guys do not like what they feel like is a more constricting feeling, while others find it way more comfortable. The other major difference between Saxx and MyPakage is that the Saxx boxer briefs standard inseam is 5 inches. MyPakage offers a longer leg at a standard 6.5 inches. Tall and/or, shall we say... we endowed fella's often really like MyPakage's features. 

So we move to MyPakage VS 2Undr. 2Undr seems to be the middle of the road between MyPakage and Saxx. It has more of a pouch like MyPakage, called the joey pouch, but we find the materials to be more durable. 2Undr also has a longer leg than Saxx, a standard 6 inch inseam. Both Twig and Barry move between all the brands, but when it comes to reaching into the drawer in the morning, they want 2Undr Swing Shift to be waiting for them. We find 2Undr to be a more mature label for those of us who want better. We find Saxx guys like 2Undr, and so do MyPakage guys.

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