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Story Time Tee - Biggest Twig In The League

Posted by Candice Holman on

Even by basketball standards, Twig was very tall. But at 6’9” he was a giant on the hockey rink. 

Being big in hockey would normally be an advantage for many, but not Twig. 

Unfortunately he was a terrible skater. Just calling him a skater would be a compliment. Ankle biter would be a better description. That's what Barry always yelled at him. 

That did not deter him though and with a lot of determination and love of the game he’d been rockin' the beer leagues for many years. 

He loves playing hockey and even though he can’t skate, with his height and the length of his stick he is almost impossible to get by. 

He is the most awkward player to watch, but having the Biggest Twig in the League has its advantages. At least that’s what Twig tells everyone!

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