MyPakage is now BN3TH

March 09, 2018

MyPakage is now BN3TH


You may have noticed some recent changes from one of our best selling brands, MyPakage. Its no secret, they have rebranded under a new label - BN3TH

Pronounced Beneath, this new vision encompasses more of what the brand wants to be known for; quality, comfort, and style, but now for a broader audience. Brands evolve, and need to be prepared for changes in trends and technologies. We've been watching this evolution occur for the past 6 months or so and we are excited to finally have our first order of BN3TH in the collection and live on the site!

Esthetics have changed, the name has changed, but what hasn't changed in their commitment to functional, comfortable, stylish products that help you live better, everyday.

  • Fabrics - they've improved their fabric blend with a slightly heavier weight for durability, which you'll find in the new "Classics" collection! This is a perfect marriage of the previous Weekday & Weekend styles, now in one beautiful fabric.
  • Waistbands - silkier and softer than ever


Discover the Difference BN3TH the Surface



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