November 08, 2018


Twig's Review

Style - 4 stars
Comfort - 4 stars
Technology - 3.5 stars

Twig really likes 'The Wholester" with combed cotton from Stance, they come in a variety of bold prints as well as some less flashy options. Twig isn't much for the bright and fancy so having some simple designs really calls to him. He also likes the fabric blend of the cotton as he would prefer that his underwear be durable and able to stand the test of time.


Stance has been a staple in sock drawers around North America for a few years now and we are more than excited to be expanding our collection. The Stance socks are tough to match as they are just so incredibly comfortable. The fabric blends are amazing, the arch support is like a firm hug and the bold prints could potentially be seen from space!

Stance began their journey as a sock company and quickly climbed to the top, they were named the official on-court sock for the NBA for the 2015-2016 seasons. They then made the decision to expand into men's underwear and their strategy was simple, give the world bold, comfortable men’s underwear. Stance underwear comes in a range of style and fabric variations so let me break it all down for you:


“The Wholester”

  • The Wholester is Stance’s answer to the demand for underwear with a built-in support system. Stance has chosen to only build the technology into certain lines of its underwear as not everyone wants the extra support built in. They currently have 2 style options:
“The Wholester” with Butter Blend - 6” inseam
“The Wholester” with Combed Cotton - 7” inseam

 “The Boxer Brief”

  • The Boxer Brief is Stance’s take on the classic men's boxer brief. This underwear comes in three fabric blends and does not have “The Wholester” technology built in.
“The Boxer Brief” with Butter Blend - 6” inseam
“The Boxer Brief” with Combed Cotton - 7” inseam
“The Boxer Brief” with Poly blend - 7” inseam



Butter Blend

  • Soft beyond imagination for those men that love the finer things in life. The Butter Blend is a very light and breathable fabric that will leave you feeling like you can conquer the world. It is made from 65% modal cotton, 30% Azlon and 5% elastane.  
  • Our one concern with the Butter Blend fabric is that due to its softness it does wear faster than other blends that you may be used to. Some men who are used to getting longer life out of their underwear are disappointed with how these last but that doesn't stop everyone as this is Stance’s highest selling underwear. Some men would prefer the short term incredible comfort over a longer lasting but less luxurious blend.

Combed Cotton

  • This is Stance’s everyday basic fabric blend, it may not be Butter Blend but don't think it's not incredible. The combed cotton is a thicker, more durable fabric and is still incredibly soft. It is made from 91% Cotton and 9% elastane to keep it soft and snug on your body. The Wholester with Combed Cotton is Twigs go-to underwear from Stance.

Poly Blend

  • Stance’s poly blend fabric gives you a lightweight and form-fitting underwear. The feeling of this underwear is more synthetic and silky than the cotton or butter blend but a lot of men prefer this as it tends to stay in place better under jeans. Some men find that it doesn't bunch under their pants as some cotton blends can. Also, the poly blend is where Stance is able to print the bold and flashy prints that they are known for!

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