Benefits of Compression Gear

August 23, 2017

Benefits of Compression Gear

Compression Gear can help to enhance your workout and speed up recovery when the right products in the right sizes are worn. But how does it work?

By applying compression to specific body parts, compression gear can accelerate blood flow, which helps to get more oxygen to the muscles that are working hard, and can boost their performance. Additionally, improved oxygenation reduces the effects of muscle soreness and actually helps muscles repair faster. It is often compared to taking an ice bath after a workout - it offers the same recovery benefits. It can also reduce inflammation and swelling.

Compression underwear not only holds your junk securely and comfortably, but it also increases bloodflow to the glutes, hips and quads. Some pro athletes even sleep in their compression shorts during training camps and say it keeps them feeling energetic and upbeat for longer into the camp's duration - like, days longer, not just hours. When others are dragging towards the end of the camp, those wearing their compression gear say they feel like its still day number 1.

Could compression gear work for you? Its worth a try if you are a runner, weight lifter, or anyone who has made a commitment to an active lifestyle and wants to get the most out of their workout. 

We'll be adding more to our collection, but for now you can find compression underwear from Saxx - Force, and from 2Undr - PowerShift. You can also find the MyPakage Pro Compression tshirt, which is what we offered 360 Fitness Personal Trainer and weight lifting lover Spencer to see what he thought about it.


"I have only had my MyPakage Pro Compression t-shirt for a few weeks but have been able to try it for all sorts of activities. I love lifting weights in it, it is lightweight and breathable so you stay cool even in hot gyms. I played tennis in it and it was awesome -no restrictions whatsoever which is usually an issue in a tight fitting shirt. It feels absolutely incredible and is very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has an active lifestyle and wants a shirt that is both comfortable and functional!


Check out our collection of Compression Gear today and take your workout to the next level. 




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